Monday September 26th 2016 the world awaits one of the most anticipated television events maybe ever. That’s right, Kevin James stars in the new hit comedy Kevin Can Wait! No, I’m kidding. Obviously it’s the first of four presidential debates between the two candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The debate is scheduled to begin  9pm to 10:30pm EST.

The world will be glued to televisions, laptops, Twitter feeds, and any other screen that is showing the debate. Talk about appointment television. This is the definition of “Must watch TV” and the people in charge of Jordan’s Furniture stores across New England realize this.


Jordan’s Furniture President/CEO Eliot Tatelman

Jordan’s Furniture President/CEO Eliot Tatelman announced this week that he would close all Jordan’s stores on Monday at 8pm so that all employees and customers could watch the first Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump live with their family and friends. This includes Jordan’s newest location in New Haven. Yes, you will have to wait until Tuesday morning to zip line across a fountain.

“This is a very important election for our families, for our children and for future generations”, says Tatelman. “By watching the debate live, it will give people the opportunity to make an educated decision and cast a responsible vote, so we are closing all Jordan’s Furniture stores at 8pm next Monday.”

“I also hope that other companies and retailers consider closing and allowing their staff to do the same thing…go home and watch this important event on live TV with their loved ones,” added Tatelman. “The world is changing. It is important that voters know who and what they are voting for by educating themselves. The upcoming debate will provide the political views and the personal characteristics of both candidates.”


Kudos to Elliot and the whole Jordan’s team for understanding how important this election cycle truly is. Plus, the way this election year has been going so far it’s pretty much a lock that something crazy WILL happen Monday night and you don’t want to be the one who missed it because you were trying to sell a indecisive couple a sectional sofa at 8:45pm on a Monday.

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