Jose who?  Considering our lucky break from his tropical storm terror, you’d think we lucked out of another hurricane season.  But, New England’s far from out of the woods.  Because now we possibly have Maria to deal with next.

And it all depends on what Jose does in the following days.

NBC Connecticut reports that Maria’s final path rests solely on Jose, along with a high pressure system coming in from the west.  Look, I’m no meteorologist so I’ll do my best to put their tricky language into my own words.

So this high pressure thing apparently could deliver temperatures in the 90’s to us on either Sunday or Monday.  That sounds like a pretty nice change of pace considering we dealt with rainy windy and somewhat chilly weather for awhile.  And since Jose remains relatively close by because he’s going nowhere fast, that warm weather system could affect him.

Let’s back things up a bit and talk about that nice sunny warm weather again.  Unfortunately, we will only see those balmy temperatures if Jose happens to be far enough away from us.  If he isn’t, that system could block him from progressing further out to sea.  And we WANT him to go out to sea.  If he keeps hanging around the Nantucket area, that system will keep him there, and then he could potentially pull Maria towards us.

Sure, nothing’s set in stone yet.  But, the possibility remains.

But, if Jose meanders out into the Atlantic, Maria could barrel out to sea and avoid the east coast entirely.  And, considering the awful damage she caused to Puerto Rico, that’s what everyone wants to happen.  As of now, the entirety of Puerto Rico is without power.  Maria also knocked down valuable cell towers, radio towers, and even emergency systems with her Category 4 winds.

Sure, she’ll weaken as she creeps north, but she has a long ways to go before she becomes remotely docile.

So, with all that said, you can technically call Jose a wild card.  What he does and how he interacts with that system of warm weather determines if we see Maria or not.

And it’s not just NBC who can’t predict Maria’s path; WFSB echoed the same sentiment.   They put it best, “The storm is still at least a week away and many things could change between now and then.”

And those many things just happen to be Jose and that high pressure system.  So, until we know what those two things do sometime after the weekend, then we can focus on Maria and what she plans to do.

Despite that, experts encourage us to prepare ourselves for severe weather.  Even if we dodge Maria, we still have a horrible winter to look forward to.

Our friends at Keough’s Paint & Hardware gave us many valuable hurricane and winter storm preparation tips.  I highly recommend you give them a read.  So CLICK HERE to read Bill Keough’s advice so you know what to do should severe weather head our way.

What do you think about Maria? Will she come here or will she be another non-event in New England?

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