Big game this weekend. Not sure if you’ve heard. Los Angeles Rams. New England Patriots. Sunday night. Lot’s of predictions being thrown around this week about who’s going to win. A lot of people making a strong case for each team. That all came to an end Thursday when Patriots reciever Julian Edelman posted one of his famous “Beat LA” logos. Except this one is in the style of the greatest burger chain known to man. Los Angeles based In N Out Burger.

It’s hard to really even put into words how dominant and degrading this post is to not just the Rams, but all of L.A. Their culture, their food, their very identity just ripped out of their chest like a Mortal Combat finishing move with one quick Edelman post. Plus a perfect caption if you’re at all familiar with the deliciousness that is In N Out burger, “Animal Style”

Game over. Super Bowl over. They might as well not even play on Sunday. Pats by a million! LET’S GOOOOOOO!

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Animal style.

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