If you’ve ever driven north through Connecticut, you’ve probably made the connection from 91 North to 84 East. It happens at Exit 29 on 91 North and is arguably the worst highway connector in our entire state.

Here’s what happens: For some reason, as people take Exit 29 and start driving slightly uphill to get onto 84 East, they slow down. And because they slow down, everyone behind them slows down. This happens enough times that eventually some people just have to stop. And because those people stop, everyone behind them stops.

The result? A highway connector that backs up traffic in one late of 91 North forever, all for no reason. It’s not like there’s traffic on 84, after the connector. It’s not like there’s traffic on the connector. It’s just people slowing down and that domino effect stopping traffic half a mile back.

If you’ve ever driven this stretch of Connecticut highway, you know it’s the worst. Not only are you sitting in traffic, but you are sitting in traffic for absolutely no reason. It’s not like there’s an accident. It’s not like three cop cars are pulling over a truck, forcing every idiot to rubber neck because it might be a massive drug bust. There’s literally nothing.

And so, people take matters into their own hands. They don’t want to wait in line for nothing, so they speed past a mile of cars standing still and, at the last moment before the connector, find a small gap to merge. It’s a desperate but understandable action. Why wait for nothing if you don’t have to? I know I’m guilty of doing it once in a while.

But there is a trick to pulling off this semi-rude maneuver, and it is this: Do not cross any solid lines when pulling off your last minute merge. If you do, this happens:

Yes, this guy is desperate, dumb, and blind. Desperate enough to try this maneuver. Dumb enough to try it by merging over a solid line. And blind enough to not see the cop two cars up. He deserved to get pulled over because, if you’re going to be rude to all the people patiently waiting, at least do it legally. If you don’t, there’s no leg to stand on.

As for everyone who patiently waited while this guy cut the line, this has got to be the best part of their entire drive. There’s something so special about seeing justice served when you’ve been wronged, even if it’s in some insignificant way. This guy’s ticket ruined his day, but made dozens of other people smile for the rest of their commute.

(via /r/Connecticut)

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