Yesterday, we read about the Cliff Life group that went cliff jumping all around Connecticut for Memorial Day. But they certainly weren’t the first…

The New Britain reservoir has a strict “no swimming” policy. That’s because it’s a reservoir meant to provide drinking water to the masses, and human beings are generally unclean and unwashed and disgusting.

In fact, during past heatwaves like the one we’re experiencing now, New Britain really cracked down on those swimming illegally. But that doesn’t stop kids from doing dumb things. Or from me watching them.

One of the most notable pastimes for New Britain kids is Res Rides – you smoke weed and drive around the reservoir. It’s even less exciting than it sounds, until someone works up the courage to go jumping into the reservoir. From a cliff nearly 70 feet in the air…where there are pipes in the water that will suck you in and murder you. It’s stupidly dangerous, yet preposterously awesome. 68 feet straight down.

And that’s exactly what these kids did. Enjoy!

Top Image: © iStock/Thinkstock

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