Okay, I’m gonna be 100% legit with you.  I absolutely cannot stand the Kardashians.  At all.  There, I said it!  I am a bad pop culture consumer.  I seem to be part of the small minority that’s invulnerable to the hypnotic waves that emanate from Kim Kardashian’s ginormous derriere.

“Oh, she wore saran wrap in public today?  Hey, that reminds me… I need to wrap up my leftover kielbasa.” 

That’s basically what happens whenever I read one of their headlines.

But, just because I dislike them doesn’t mean I act upon it.  Because, deep down, I know that’s what they want.

However, one Connecticut man fell right into their trap.  His utter contempt of the Klan brought them into state headlines today.  Much to our delight and chagrin.

NBC Connecticut says Carl Puia, who’s 74, became the proverbial bull in the Kardashian section of a Barnes & Noble.  He thrashed, he smashed, and he poured red liquid all over Kim’s selfie book.  All in all, police say the aftermath was pretty grim.

They wrote six books were “destroyed in the massacre and could not be revived.”  I’m sure officers tried very hard to save them, too.

Puia also left behind a typewritten note echoing the vast sentiments of mankind, which detailed his extensive dislike of the family and anyone like them.   Somewhere in heaven, Oscar Wilde is raising a glass of absinthe and nodding in approval.

Anyways, Puia wasn’t able to get away with his crime.  Turns out his rampage was all caught on film.  So, like a good citizen, he turned himself in and had to post a $2,500 bail.

His day in court is set on the 22nd and, I certainly hope supporters turn out in droves.  I want that courtroom packed because this guy’s a hero.

I mean, a revolution starts with one man.  So, I think our friend Carl here just fired the first shot.

Is this the end of the Kardashians?  Boy howdy, let’s hope so.

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