You Know You’re From Connecticut If…


You have or know someone that has a Vermont ski house.


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You went to outdoor keg parties in high school and spent your nights hiding from 5-0.



You knew ten people in high school that drove Honda Civics.



You believed that it was illegal to buy beer after 8pm and on Sundays everywhere in the country.


You fiercely are a Yankee or Red Sox fan even though you have no state association with either of them.


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You jokingly tell visitors/tourists to make sure they “check out Bridgeport”- Hahahahaha.


You went through a phase where you believed Phish was the coolest band on Earth.



You also went through a phase that you thought Dave Matthews Band was the coolest band on Earth.  This was usually right before the Phish phase.



You don’t blink when you see deer on the side of the road or in your backyard.



Wild turkeys walking down the street seems normal.



You’ve drunkenly danced in the grass area of The Meadows at a concert.


You know what The Meadows was.



Whenever someone asks where you from, you tell them “About ____(fill in the blank) minutes from NYC”



You would never take public bus transportation.


Only you know how to correctly drive in snow.


You’ve complained about traffic on I-95 and Merritt.


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You can immediately tell someone directions to the nearest Starbucks and/or Dunkin Donuts.



You think everyone should own a North Face.  After all, it’s cold here.



You understand that a “grinder” is a sandwich.



You hated the private school kids… and if you were the private school kid, you hated the “ghetto” public school kids.  There would be some kind of yearly basketball/football showdown.


You can tell a person is from Westport because they have whales on their pants.



You have one friend that grew up on an awesome house on the water.  That person always also had a pool.



You’ve always been secretly proud that the WWE is located in Stamford- and were outraged when they had to change their name from WWF.



You’ve been mad about our taxes.



You have strong opinions about where the best pizza is located in the state.

Frank-Pepe-Pizzeria-Sign 6800_105112676695_513726695_2633779_8185872_n


Told/heard stories about the hauntings at Lake Compounce.



You slept with a radio near your ear so you could hear the list of schools closed for snow days.


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