It’s a sad day in Connecticut. Yesterday, Lake Compounce announced it shut down one of its most beloved rides.

Yes, WNTH reports that the iconic SkyRide has closed for good, leaving fans around the state absolutely devastated.  Because it was such a cool ride!  Too many people say they miss it already.

I mean, where else in the park can you get your mac on and take amazing romantic selfies?  So, obviously, the younger generations feel the hurt the most.

But, as park spokesperson Sara Frias said, there is a silver lining.  Looks like the SkyRide might become something else. Something way more boss.  Like Phobia Phear.

Frias made the ride’s permanent closure official yesterday:

“Due to the rugged terrain of the mountain and the limited access to the remote area, Lake Compounce has decided to close the SkyRide attraction permanently. We look forward to utilizing the loading zone area for future attractions in the coming years to continue to bring unforgettable fun to America’s longest continuously operating amusement park.”

So, until Lake Compounce gives us more clues about it plans to do with the attraction, we’ll just have theories to live off of.  The biggest one claims the closure happened due to a Delaware teenager falling off a similar ride.

It’s definitely plausible considering how far and wide bad press travels now thanks to the wonderful Internet.

But, I doubt that caused the ride’s end.  It sounds like the park debated this for years and finally decided to pull the trigger.   It’s time to update the ride, anyways, considering the stiff competition that comes up north with Six Flags.

So, what do you think will replace the SkyRide?

Will another roller coaster come to Lake Compounce?  Or, will it be something just as mild and romantic?

We’ll just have to wait and see.


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