There are not that many artists out there today that are just that — artists. You know, people who use music as a form of unique art and expression to create something beautiful. In fact, very few come to mind. For me, when I think of a true modern day artist a few names come to mind: JoJo, Bleachers, and of course, Lana Del Rey.

I could pinpoint the exact moment when I started getting into her music. It was the spring of 2013, when the Great Gatsby came out. Lana sang the love theme from the movie, Young and Beautiful — a song discussing the worry of losing someone years after they fell in love. I loved the song, and immediately downloaded it onto my iPod.

It was then I began to listen to the rest of Del Rey’s catalog. At the time, she only had one studio album — Born to Die — as well as an EP — Paradise.

Her music grabbed me, sort of like a sweet and sugary treat for my eardrums. I became obsessed with each song she had, as they were reminiscent of the singers that were from long ago, like Nancy Sinatra. Del Rey’s music was different — hands down. Her vocals were out of this world, and each lyric was poetic and beautiful. Del Rey shares a lot of emotion and pain in her tracks — something that listens can feel in every song. You can tell that she’s lived a tortured life, but the result came to be some great music.

Since I first discovered her music four years ago, Del Rey released three more albums — Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, and recently, Lust for Life. With every effort, Del Rey not only maintains that same amount of artistry from her earlier works, but also proves that she’s an artist who’s here to stay, with songs that are on the tracks to be listened to for years to come.

For me, that is what makes an artist. An artist like Lana Del Rey is one that listeners come in contact with very rarely — especially nowadays. Her music has the ability to just capture and make you ponder everything. Therefore, this is Lana Del Rey will always remain to be one of my favorites. If you haven’t already, give her new album, Lust for Life a listen on your favorite musical platform. I am sure that you too will feel the same way.

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