You can’t make this stuff up anymore. So, days after the media found out some of the federal funds for the crumbling foundations went missing… our lawmakers floated a new tax.  Meaning, they stole the money meant to fix the problem because they want US to pay for it!

Wow, makes total sense.

First off, here’s the scoop from NBC Connecticut.  So, back when news broke that some people’s homes lost all their value due to crumbling foundations, the government stepped in.  As in, the FEDERAL government.

They wrote us a $1 million grant for affected homes to test the extent of structural damage.  However, as our lawmakers always do, they swept most the money into another account.  As in $750,000 of it.

Yeah, that right there pissed off a LOT of people.

Rep Joe Courtney, who represents the district where the problem is most prominent, outright demanded answers.

Instead, our lawmakers chided that towns needed to APPLY for the grant money first in order to receive it.  Only one town, Coventry, submitted an application.

In the end, the state gave them $250,000 to test homes in the area and 7 smaller surrounding towns.

With that said and done, our lawmakers swept the rest of the federal funds into the Department of Housing’s coffers.

Rep. Jeff Currey, who represents West Hartford, halfheartedly explained:

“What happens is if the state doesn’t encumber that, the feds take a look at that and say, well, it looks like you didn’t need that so it looks like you’re going to lose $750,000 in perpetuity and that is money that is spent across the communities in ways that they need.”

Sure, that makes sense.  If the federal government bestows money upon us and we don’t use it, it sends a message.

Still, only one town applied for the grant.  The problem I have with this is that the affected areas were practically screaming for help.  So, why did only one of those towns submit an application?

Did these municipalities know about the Federal grant?  Did our lawmakers even tell them they could use this money?

I certainly doubt it.

That’s why Joe Courtney is furiously demanding answers.  He says that while this might look okay on the books, it looks embarrassing to everyone else.

“Given the urgency of and deep community interest in this issue, a decision of this magnitude should have prompted diligent and proactive communication with legislators, municipalities, and other key stakeholders.”

So, now that Courtney raised hell over this, which bled across the state and into Washington D.C. itself, our lawmakers hatched a plan to restore the funds.

You know how much they love us taxpayers.

Yes, they say we’re now responsible for fixing those crumbling foundations.  Of course.  Because this is all OUR fault.

Now onto WTNH.   Our lawmakers have since proposed implementing a $10 surcharge on all homeowners.  Yes, everyone who owns a home not suffering from a compromised foundation needs to chip in.

House Speaker Joe Aresemowicz says he’s “optimistic” this surcharge will pass the house, too.

He says the money collected will go into a special assistance fund and will accrue $100 million over five years.  Meanwhile, all of us taxpayers just see this new “fund” as a new piggybank for our lawmakers to raid when it’s convenient.

I mean, look what they did to the Federal grant that was given to us SOLELY FOR these crumbling foundations.  You think they’ll respect the money they’ll collect from the surcharge and disperse it for its only intended purpose?

Yeah, we all have a better chance of winning the lottery than that actually happening.

And that’s why people are so upset.

Our state proved yet again it cannot handle money responsibly and that’s why we’re in this financial mess.  And, as always, our moronic lawmakers turn to us to bail them out.

The problem is, these crumbling foundations require billions of dollars to fix.  $100 million from a surcharge won’t even make a dent in repair costs.

So, I ask, where is the rest of the money coming from?

Oh, right, us.  Because once that surcharge goes through, watch them bump that $10 to $20… and so forth.

I mean, the original surcharge amount was $20, so what’s going to stop them from raising the cap once they pass this legislation?

So, as always, our lawmakers screwed the taxpayer again because they love raiding accounts to satisfy their own precious needs.  That’s why our pension situation is so out of control: they kept raiding that account and now look at where we are!

But, that’s another argument for another time.

Anyways, how do you feel now that we are on the hook for paying for these crumbling foundations?  What happened to suing the contractor who made these homes?  Or, heaven forbid, making those insurance companies pay up?

Oh, right, it’s more convenient to screw us.

Well, my friends, time to screw them at the upcoming elections.  Vote them all out in November.  These guys just proved they don’t care about us.  Just the little money we have left to our name.

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