Remember about a year ago when one Italian village wanted to PAY people to move there?  Looks like someone stole their idea.  That’s because one Italian island put forth an offer we can’t refuse.  $1 homes.


New York Daily News reports that a small town located on the island of Sardinia has an abandoned home problem.  So, in order to fill these hundreds of homes, the government will sell you one for $1.  Well, more like 1 euro, so that translates to $1.20.

Still a bargain.  And, yes, the town is 100 percent serious.

Your prospective new home is in Ollolai, part of the island’s mountainous region.  But is there a downside?

Actually, that’s a stipulation the town needs you to uphold: rehabilitate your home within 3 years.  According to estimates, that’ll cost you about $25,000.

Then again, how much would you need to buy a home anywhere in America?  Certainly you won’t find anything for that cheap unless it needs serious TLC.

Plus, Ollolai not only wants new residents… it wants to KEEP its new residents, too.  Basically, the poor town has a huge population problem and lost over 1,000 people in the last 50 years.  On top of that, the town continues to record a very low birth rate.

The current population stands at 1,300.  So, if you want a place with nice views and plenty of privacy… just saying.

Those already snatching up the $1 homes absolutely love their new surroundings.  One buyer says the village seems frozen in time but still offers a peaceful and healthy life.  On top of that, it’s pretty quiet.

Also, if you love cheese, this is the place you want to be.  They make the best Casu Fiore Sardo, alternatively known as Pecorino Sardo.  AKA… cheese made from sheep’s milk.  YUM!  Apparently it tastes amazing in pesto sauce.

So, if you plan on leaving CT in the rear-view mirror… OR you want to find a winter retreat, this Italian island might be the perfect answer.

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