Artie Lange is many things. He’s a world-famous comedian known for his stand up and time on Mad TV. He’s a notorious radio host best known for his time on The Howard Stern Show. And he’s from New Jersey, which we’re willing to overlook.

We’re willing to overlook it because he just had a great interview with Connecticut’s most famous radio duo: Chaz & AJ. Lange went on The Chaz & AJ in the Morning Show on Friday to promote his performance at Foxwoods Friday night. And over the course of the interview, they covered everything from why he missed his Foxwoods show last week to his headline-making comments about Howard Stern.

But perhaps craziest of all, Lange took to Twitter right after the interview to pay Chaz & AJ a serious compliment – one that carries extra weight when considering Lange’s radio background.

When you consider just how many radio interviews Lange has done over his career, whether it’s talking about his background or promoting a show or anything else, this is serious business. Here in Connecticut, Chaz & AJ are known for bringing the best to their listeners day in and day out. But to have an all-time great like Artie Lange back that up and agree means that Connecticut listeners are truly lucky to have Chaz & AJ on their airwaves.

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