When you think of students going to away to college on the beach, you think of Miami or Hawaii or California. You never think of Connecticut.

However, Time does. They just came out with a list of the 10 Best Colleges for Beach Lovers, and Connecticut got a spot on the list.

In fact, we got #3 on the list with Fairfield University! Come on!

Now, that’s not a knock on the school as Fairfield University is quite a good school. But no one really considers it a beach school. Just because some students may live on the water, it’s not.

How about the fact that no one is going to that beach for about 75% of the school year? Or that it’s not even on the ocean? And that you can’t surf in Long Island Sound!

And if the justification is that it only has to be geographically near a shoreline body of water, doesn’t Yale qualify? If Fairfield University is only 3 miles from the water, I’m pretty sure Yale can qualify (the water may not be pretty, but it’s there) and they’re a pretty good school (despite the nonsense that’s been going on this week).

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