Kids these days get a bad rap. Basically anyone under the age of 25 is dismissed as a “damn millenial” only interested in what’s good for them, what’s on their iPhone screen, or whether their meal will get a lot of likes on Instagram.

But like it or not, young people are actually kicking ass. There’s plenty of proof everywhere (including the fact that we’re still managing to get jobs despite the miserable economy previous generations stuck us with), but at least in Connecticut, this nugget of evidence takes the cake:

High school graduation rates across Connecticut are the best they’ve ever been. Ever.

WTNH had the good news, reporting that 87.2 percent of high school students in Connecticut go on to graduate, and that some of our most troubled school districts are among the most improved. Oh, and the best part? This isn’t some fluke. This is the fifth year in a row that high school graduation rates in our state have improved.

So yeah, the youngest generations aren’t perfect. We love our technology and most of us are social media attention hounds, but we do have redeeming qualities. We know what we care about, we pursue our passions with a fervor, and we work hard in school to give ourselves a brighter future. And as much fun as it is to blame the “damn millenials,” there’s no taking that accomplishment away from us.

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