Today,  just around 8am, baby Ryan Carter Vilfranche started to crown on the way to the hospital. His parents were stuck in crazy rush hour traffic on the south bound side of 95. While on the exit 16 exit ramp, State Trooper Willis Gonzalez and Trooper First Class John Ring arrived swiftly on scene to assist.

Listen to the 911 call obtained by CT Post:

You can hear the screams of mom Ann Victorin as dad Ricardo Vilfranche helps the 911 operator find their location. Pretty calmly may I add.


This would be me realizing what’s happening:

Then seeing the baby crowning:

Then waiting for first responders to arrive. Yup, don’t mind me. I’d like to be unconcious during the rest of the process please.


I just feel bad for this baby starting out his life in CT traffic. He must be stressed out already. He’s asking mom for a double shot of espresso and whiskey for his milk.

He’s probably already mastered giving the finger.


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