Take a book, return a book. That is your invitation to participate in the Little Free Library, which is a free book exchange.

The Little Free Library, according to its’ website, is open to readers of all ages, and have a “unique and personal” touch. That touch is that those in the neighborhood are sharing some of their favorite books.

How it works is simple: you go to your nearest Little Free Library — or any Little Free Library really — and take a book. It’s so simple, and anyone can do it. And, whenever you’re done with the book, you can either return that book or a book in general that you want to share to that library.

Pretty cool, huh?

According to the website, the Little Free Library was started as an attempt to “improve the reading achievement of children” by increasing “their access to books especially at home.” The role of the library, the website says, is to play “an essential role” to “providing 24/7 access to books in areas where books are scarce.”

That is pretty cool, because there are over 60,000 Little Free Libraries currently. Pretty cool.

Let’s face it — there’s a number of reasons why children might not be readily have consistent access of books. One of them is cost. The site says that 61 percent of low-income families don’t have access to books in their home. Another one is that more parents are working — which leaves them with less time to get a library card. And finally, as technology progresses, more kids are gravitating towards the screen — not the book.

What makes the Little Free Library so unique is that it’s open whenever — and is free. And, you can return your books to any library whenever you are able to. This so beats having to pay late fees.

However, it’s so much more than getting people to read — it’s about building community. The site says that since its start, 73 percent of neighborhoods with the Little Free Library report they’ve met more neighbors because of it. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me.

I decided to visit a Little Free Library in Hamden yesterday. And, it was so cool. While I decided to donate a book to it instead, I couldn’t help but notice that it was fully stocked with a variety of novels for all readers.

However, as I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Free Little Libraries scattered across the state. Therefore, be sure to check out your closest one here to join in on the fun.

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