Celebrity home sales in Connecticut are rarely something we take seriously. Whether it’s Trump’s Greenwich mansion or 50 Cent’s seemingly unsellable house with a casino and too many kitchens, seeing a famous person’s house for sale usually means a gaudy price tag, a hearty chuckle, and literally nothing else.

This time, we’re not laughing.

Whether you’re a bigger fan of “Marty McFly” Michael J. Fox from the Back to the Future series or of “Alex P. Keaton” Michael J. Fox from Family Ties, the News Times reports the actor’s home is for sale with a very reasonable celebrity-home-price-tag of $4.25 million and we think this is worth considering.

Of course, we can’t afford it on our own. But we were kinda, sorta hoping that maybe all of you fine folks would want to go in on it with us. Everyone chips in a few bucks, we all get a day or two over the course of the next few years, and then maybe we start renting it out to make our money back very, very slowly.

Is it a perfect plan? No. But just think of all the cool stuff you could do that you would know THE Marty McFly probably also maybe did. Walk on the floors! Open the windows! Use the sink! It’s a virtually endless list of things that you and the man who thwarted Biff Tannen could have in common!

So don’t say no right away. Just sleep on it, and think about whether this investment is something you’ll kick yourself for missing out on. And hey, even if you don’t make your money back in the end, at least we’re not asking you to buy a house with 9 kitchens.

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