When May 1 rolls around on the calendar, anyone recently out of college knows what that means: Finals Week is upon us and there’s no stopping it. The lives of college students everywhere are about to devolve into a string of all-nighters and meals consistently entirely of snack food from the campus convenience store.

But if you’re lucky enough to go to UConn, your finals week will have a surprising dose of furry lovability because, according to NBC Connecticut, the school will be bringing in therapy dogs to help students de-stress during the exam period.

The program has actually been in place since 2010 and provides therapy puppy kisses in the library from Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon.

And while I fully support programs like this and I am perfectly willing to drive to UConn’s campus to get some snuggles in, it does raise questions about the lack of therapy dogs in the workplace.

Do I think dogs barking and shedding and drooling and having accidents will create a distracting work environment? Probably. Do I think that people who are allergic to dogs will suffer when therapy dogs come to the office? Almost certainly. Do I think puppies in the workplace will decrease overall productivity by 80 to 90 percent? Absolutely.

But, most importantly, do I think any of those are valid excuses for denying me a puppy on my lap while I write blog posts? Hell no. There’s no excuse for that. It should be a basic human right at this point and every workplace should be providing it for their employees. Get on it, Obama! You only have so much time to pass the Puppy Bill before Trump takes office.

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