I’m not an amateur astronomer by any means, so kudos to Redditor rxneutrino for alerting us about this.

You can pretty much see the International Space Station every night if you’re lucky. A number of factors need to happen – weather being the primary one, but also orbiting position around the Earth, and also a reasonable viewing time – I mean no one wants to look for it at 4am.

Tonight is one of those nights where it works for everyone. With a lack of clouds, and with a nearly direct pass over Connecticut, it’s happening at 8:55pm. And for about six minutes. All you gotta do is look up (and sorta Southwest).

In fact, the further north in Connecticut that you are the better – you’ll see an almost direct pass over towns like New Britain, Bristol, and Meriden. You can find out the best time for your town here.

Top Image: © iStock/Thinkstock

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