It’s Valentine’s Day and, sometimes, you find yourself spending the holiday eating a large pizza by yourself and wondering where you went wrong.

Like, why didn’t you order two pizzas?  Or get a calzone as an appetizer?

Oh, sorry, I’m projecting here.

Anyways, if you’re ready to find Mr or Mrs Right, The Hour knows exactly where in Connecticut you can find them.   They isolated the cities and towns where the most single people call home.  Because, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day.  What’s a better way to remind a guy or gal that they’re single than by telling them where they should be living.

So, if you’re hoping to find the largest concentration of single people, you need to go to Bridgeport.  About 50% of the people there over the age of 15 are single and have never married.  Plus, Bridgeport does offer some pretty cool venues to scope out potential partners.  Like Brewport, a place of fantastic beers and pizzas.  Nothing brings the sexes together than a nice pint and piping hot pizza.

But, maybe you want to refine your search.  You don’t want to wade into a sea of single people and hope you snag what you want.  Maybe, you want to snag a nice young man.  The Hour’s got you covered, babes.

The largest crop of young single guys can be harvested in Shelton.  Too much of a metaphor?  Yeah, it was.  Oh well.

Anyways, the largest amount of single guys between 20-34 years old can be found in Shelton.  Plus, Shelton has some pretty nice places of its own to meet people.  Center Street Social offers pretty much everything you’d want in a night out, live music, late night parties, and a quirky yet delicious menu.  Bar 140 is also a pretty popular hangout due to its happy hour deals, casual atmosphere, and ridiculously tasty fries.

Also, on that note, in light of 50 Shades Darker in theaters, Shelton is also the #1 kinkiest town in Connecticut.  Take it as you will.

Guys, didn’t mean to have you waiting to find out where you can find the most single-ladies.  Weston is where you want to be.  Almost 75% of women there between 20 and 34 are single or have never married.

There’s plenty of fun hangouts to meet new people surrounding the town, too.  Spotted Horse Tavern in Westport offers a large bar area with great happy hour deals.   Plus, they have their own Pinterest page.  And girls sure do love their Pinterest.  Fact.

And, when the warmer weather finally decides to show its beautiful face, take a trip to Devil’s Den.  It’s inexpensive and has amazing sights.  Plus, there’s a lot of initials carved into those trees – so it doubles as a pretty romantic date spot, too.

So, if online dating isn’t cutting it for you, now you know where to go.  Hey, go tonight!  It’s probably better than ordering pizza and firing up the old Netflix so you can watch Finding Dory with your cat.  Not that I’m doing that.

Okay, yes.  Yes I am going to be doing that tonight.  Unabashedly.

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