If have been feeling particularly amorous lately and find yourself on Craigslist looking for an outlet you might want to avoid any personal ads in Milford. The Milford PD just rounded up a bunch of Johns in a sting operation. In a nit of old-world justice they also released the names of the “offenders” to the public. Nothing like a little shaming to set one straight!

Judging by the comments on the article I am actually in the majority when it comes to the thinking that stings like this are a waste of time. “Land of the Free” my ass. If two consenting adults want to work out a transaction where money pays for sex, so what?! It seems like a victim-less crime to me. Although, I am sure someone out there will argue that the prostitute is a victim in this. From what I gathered of those arguments the reason many prostitutes are considered victims is because it is an illegal act and there are not systems in place for protection. This leads to abuses that might be avoided if these operations weren’t black market.

Much like the War on Drugs this is a puritanical vendetta and really helps no one. People are going to circumvent the law anyway so why not set up systems to keep workers safe and perhaps give the community a much need tax infusion?

I don’t claim to have all the answers but this seems like something that should be legal for consenting adults. I would feel safer if the police were busting crooks, abusers, crooked politicians and the like rather than cock-blocking folks just trying to get laid.


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