With all this election stuff going on, we sure could use a laugh.  So, let’s check in with our good friends at the Connecticut State Police to see how their week has been going.

Turns out, it started off with a bang. Monday morning, our brave State troopers responded to one of their strangest calls yet.  A moose somehow wandered into the Enterprise Rent-a-Car parking lot at Bradley and got stuck.

Between joking that the lot had a new moose-tang to show off, police coordinated with East Granby PD and DEEP personnel to herd the moose to safety, which proved to be a bit more troublesome than they had hoped.  Then again, it is a moose after all.  They’re one of nature’s most stubborn creatures.

So, they shut down rt. 20 to give responding officers enough space and time to get the beast back where it belonged.   Eventually, the wild animal got the memo and bounded back into woods.

As the Connecticut State Police snarkily wrote on their Facebook: File this under “things they don’t tell you about in the academy.”

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