Tuesday was a big day for anyone living in the Santa Monica area of Los Angeles. It was the grand opening of the first ever west coast Dunkin’ Donuts location. There is truly nothing better to show the culture difference between east coast and west coast than this event. A landmark eatery that anyone from the New England area grew up with on literally every other street corner their entire lives, now has the second largest city in America going out of their minds about it in 2014.

I sure hope they all realize what lies ahead for them at Dunks. The issue here is that as New Englanders we grew up with Dunks. It’s a lifestyle. You are breed to embrace and enjoy the Dunkin’ way. The coffee is far from great, the breakfast sandwiches are microwaved nonsense, even the donuts are far from anything you would find in a real bakery, but it is all still great to us. There is a certain nostalgic comfortable love for Dunkin’ that unfortunately Californians will just never experience no matter how hard they try or want to. This exact idea is written about perfectly in THIS article by Zach Brooks at Midtownlunch.com. A New Englander now living out in L.A., Zach hilariously warns the people of California about the Dunkin’ ways.

Here is some of the madness that went down at the new west coast Dunks yesterday…











Congrats on your first Dunkin’ Donuts, Los Angeles. I hope you all find a way to enjoy it as much as we do here in New England.


(Top Image via @mikerotman)

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