Please reread the title of this post. It shows you two things – 1) how roundabout and random of a way it took for me to discover this article; and 2) that I’m grateful that the Internet exists, because otherwise I’d never have known about it. Which is utter nonsense, is it not? An L.A. paper had this story, but we didn’t?!? Not the Connecticut Post. Not the Hartford Courant. Not the New Haven Register. Not even the New York Times. No one in New England, or the East Coast.

Former “Insider” host and current “Good Morning America” co-anchor Lara Spencer knows how to find bargains out of stuff people are looking to get rid of. She knows her stuff, since she used to host “Antiques Roadshow,” and wrote her first book I Brake For Yard Sales. But it’s her new book that’s out today that brings her to Connecticut – and often – Flea Market Fabulous is about how she makes over nine rooms in Manhattan with stuff she finds at flea markets. But not just any flea market – the Elephant’s Trunk Country Flea Market in New Milford.

You can check out a piece she did earlier today on “Good Morning America” that includes a couple of Connecticut scenes:


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Just about every Sunday, you’ll find a line hundreds of people deep just over the Brookfield line to get into the Elephant’s Trunk, bright and early at 5:45am! And they pay to get in at that time! Seriously – that’s the only way if you wanna find the best stuff for the lowest price.

Not me though, no thank you – I’ll just go to IKEA.


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