Connecticut Lottery was excited to announce this a short while ago:



That’s a lot of winners! Sadly, I am not one of them.  Unless you’re counting the occasional $5 on a scratch off, then I guess I technically count.  I was left wondering though, who was the lucky person to win the biggest jackpot in Connecticut Lottery history?

Well, get ready to roll your eyes.  You may actually remember this being in the news… In 2011, three asset managers in Greenwich, Greg Skidmore, Brandon Lacoff and Tim Davidson (all colleagues at Belpointe Asset Management) claimed the $254 million dollar Powerball jackpot.  The mystery surrounding this trio is that some news sources claim that they were just hired to claim the money by a person that didn’t want the publicity.  They assured media outlets that a lot would go to charity.  Whoever the real winner is remains a mystery but we do know that the winning ticket was bought in Stamford as a single Quick Pick and after taxes the lump sum issued was for $104 million.  The truth is that anyone can have a dollar and a dream.  We’re all on the same playing field.  But it would be helpful that if you’re worth MORE than the jackpot, maybe leave it for the rest of us! Sigh, I guess not.



Image:  iStock / Getty Images Plus/ gvictoria

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