A couple driving from New York City to Boston made a pit stop in Branford, and along the way, Kim and Peter Reggiannini lost their special engagement and wedding rings!

They’ve only been married for just a year, but this is a story they’ll have forever!

Kim briefly took off the rings to put on lotion, and didn’t realize the rings were lost until an hour and a half later.

“When they were gone, I felt like a part of me was missing,” said Kim.

After posting on Facebook, offering a reward, and waiting weeks on weeks to try and see if they would turn up, the couple got some help from Connecticut’s finest.

State Police Sgt. Robert Derry went through hours and hours of footage from the gas station cameras, and tracked down a person who actually picked up the rings to their Guilford home.

The rings were given to Derry, who then contacted the couple and reunited them at the Troop F in Westbrook.


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