Connecticut’s most celebrated fall traditions is finally open: Lyman Orchards’ famed corn maze!  This year’s challenging creation is both fun AND educational!

Every year since 2000, Lyman Orchards creates a new maze design that simply wows the entire state.  Also, they somehow manage to outdo the year before.  Most designs correlate with an important event or anniversary of sorts; such as the inauguration of President Obama or the orchard’s 275th anniversary.

This year’s maze is no different.  It commemorates the 90th anniversary of Col. Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across the Atlantic.   The maze also pays homage to his man-made aircraft, the Spirit of St. Louis!

Also, owner John Lyman says the maze holds a symbolic meaning, as well.  He told My Record Journal that Lindbergh’s flight brought the whole country together because it instilled a sense of pride.

Considering the recent turmoil impacting the state, we could use a reminder of what makes America really great.  It’s celebrating achievements just like Lindbergh’s.

Plus, you can’t help but crack a smile while walking the maze this year.  So, if you need to get in touch with your inner child and forget about what ails the world, this is your escape.  It’s educational, too!

So, if you think you can beat 2 miles of challenging roads woven into 4 acres of towering corn, you know where to go.   You have until November 5th to challenge yourself to Lyman Orchard’s latest masterpiece.

It’s $5 for children and $10 for adults.  Also, every dollar from each purchase goes to the American Cancer Society.  Through the years, patrons helped Lyman Orchards raise a whopping $538,457 for the ACS.

Plus, while you’re there, you can take advantage of their killer apple orchards.  The apple season this year is bountiful, so there’s plenty of fruit to go around.

The maze takes about 30 minutes to complete.  For information about pricing, hours, and restrictions, please visit the official webpage.

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