Lose an hour, gain an hour. There may always be 24 hours in each day, but daylight savings time (which begins Sunday) manages to make us feel like one of those hours has been stolen right out from under us, and that we “lose” an hour of sleep.  That feeling isn’t without merit, according to a recent study cited by Huff-post Sleep and Wellness; the disturbance in our internal circadian rhythms is responsible for an increase in:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Car Accidents
  • Workplace Injury

If you’ve ever traveled across time zones, you probably know just how draining and off putting jet lag can be. The daylight savings time change can cause the same type of feeling, and it last for several months.  What can you do to combat the inevitable uncomfortable mornings coming next week?

  1. Go to sleep earlier:
    The best way to treat the jet lag is to try and avoid it. Pull down those blackout curtains or a put on a sleep mask. Try unplugging from distracting technology. Plan your evening to devote an extra hour to relation.
  1. Drink more water:
    I cannot stress this enough: your body needs water.  It helps to maintain energy. Coffee and soda provide a quick boost, but also puts you at risk for a crash. Water is the key to maintaining energy and it does a body good.
  2. Eat energizing snacks:
    Almonds, whole grain breads, Greek yogurt. Foods with added sugar will leave you with a sugar crash. Whole grains and fiber will give your body a slow burning energy to get through the day.
  3. Exercise:
    If you’re just getting into working out, this can be as simple as walking a few extra steps each day. If you already are on a fitness routine, maybe this is the time the time to change it up. Do you feel energized by your PM workouts? Consider moving them to the AM to capitalize on that extra energy. Do you feel relaxed after an AM workout? Try moving it to the evening to wind down.

Prevention is the best tool to fight the upcoming disturbance in sleep, and (hopefully) after a month we’ll all be adjusted and happy the days are longer and warmer.

Spring forward ya’ll.

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