Brace yourselves everyone — we have another Nor’Easter heading to Connecticut tomorrow. I know, I don’t want to hear it. I’m groaning as I’m writing this.

According to an article on WTNH entitled “Third Nor’Easter in 2 Weeks On The Horizon,” we could be seeing six to ten inches tomorrow. The article goes onto say that eastern Connecticut will receive the heaviest amount of snow totals.

WTNH’s Daily Weather Forecast says that the snow will be starting at midnight tonight, and carry into well tomorrow. This will definitely make tomorrow’s commute a bit tricky, as white out conditions are expected. Furthermore, WTNH warns that there will be winds up to 40 miles per hours, and also warns to expect power outages.

However, keep in mind that several homes in Connecticut are still in the dark from last week’s storm. According to an article on Fox 61 entitled “Gov. Malloy Issues Update On The Aftermath of Nasty Nor’Easter,” Eversource reported that 133,484 outages, while United Illuminating reported 12,266. However, Fox also reports that Eversource is hard at work preparing for tomorrow’s storm — especially as more outages are expected.

Yikes. I guess winter isn’t giving up without a fight, and we’ll have another snow day at our hands. While this winter was fairly mild, it’s safe to say that it’s holding onto it for dear life.

So, it looks we have another snow day on our hands. It’s safe to assume that the kids will have another day, and we’ll have another day hunkered down at home tomorrow. But, be sure that you’re prepared today. Make sure your phones are charged, that your groceries are stocked, and that your gas tank is full. While we may be ready to spring forward, we as New Englanders can handle this. And, look on the bright side — summer is only a few short months away.

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