Go outside today. Seriously, take a long lunch and enjoy the weather. It’s 75° outside. Near record temperatures! On October 29. In Connecticut.

It’s not normally this nice – I mean just yesterday we had a preposterous amount of rainfall, which caused flooding from New Haven to New London County:

But it’s not just 2015 that October 29 weather is random…

How about three years ago today? Don’t act like you don’t remember – I mean we cancelled Halloween:

Or how about on this date in 2011…when the Halloween nor’easter began? (Oh, yeah…we cancelled Halloween then too.)

Or how about exactly 10 years earlier, when there was a storm that was so strong they actually named it the Perfect Storm?

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m certainly not complaining at all about the weather today. I just want some consistency in my life. So make up your mind, Mother Nature, you jerk.

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