Yup. As gross as it is, a man from Georgia was arrested after he assaulted another man with 24 eggs and his feces.

According to officials, on Saturday afternoon around 4:45 p.m., Connecticut State Police responded to a motel in Putnam after learning of a disturbance involving two men.

At the scene, police said 44-year-old Ansay Darraido-Lopez caused the disturbance and threw around 24 eggs at the victim and at the victim’s vehicle.

Apparently, Mr. Darraido- Lopez had either a pack of hens with him, or he stopped at the local grocery store ahead of time, because I’ve never seen someone just have 24 eggs just laying around.

Darraido-Lopez also allegedly defecated within the victim’s residence and caused further damage prior to the incident at the motel.

He’s due in court next Monday. Hopefully the eggs and his poop don’t make an appearance there too.



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