Man Who Climbed the New Haven Christmas Tree is Named…Noel

Man Who Climbed the New Haven Christmas Tree is Named…Noel
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The First Noel, to climb a city Christmas tree in Connecticut, was Noel Delgado. For some reason he decided to climb up into the Christmas tree on the green and shout in English and Spanish. A lot of his shouting is gibberish nonsense but he also shouts out to the city of New Haven that he can’t support his family anymore.

No offense Noel, but have you ever been to the New Haven Green before? The group of people who hang out over there are pretty much all homeless. So when they heard you screaming from a tree about being poor they most likely thought “Yeah, no shit” and continued to sit and scare the Yalies wandering by.

Eventually the New Haven Police had to come, shut off power to the tree so poor Noel didn’t electrocute himself and talk him down. He didn’t want any medical attention but was charged with breach of peace, which ironically is what that whole First Noel song is about right?

Watch the weirdness below.



Big Jim & Anna on STAR 99.9 had some hilarious things to say as well.



via NBC Connecticut

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