A New York man went missing from his sister’s home in Fairfield on Sunday morning after he had been drinking.  According to reports, he went for a walk at 4:30a (probably not the best time to take a stroll) and when he did not return an hour later, his sister alerted officials.

At the time of his disappearance, he was described as distraught over the loss of his job.  A call was made by a Public Works employee that a man with no shoes on and torn clothing had gone beyond the fenced area and was waist deep in sewage.  He was taken to St. Vincent’s in Bridgeport for evaluation.  Was this dude trying to kill himself in crap? Because that has to be the most awful thing ever.

Being waist deep in anything besides a hot tub sounds terrible.  Here’s a list of things you never want to be waist deep in:

Bees. Just the thought is making us itch and shiver.

A group of honey bees working on their beehive. Some are attending the eggs while others are preparing the slots for other eggs.

Worms… Up to your ears in worms.


The ball pit.  Imagine the bottom just filled with kid puke and dirty band aids.

Multicolored balls in a playground

The obvious… crap.  Lots of sewage and crap.

Smelling wet brown shit isolated over white


Any body of water infested with crocodiles.CrocodileQuicksand… for a slow death.

Hand on a beach sinking or drowning in quicksand

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Source: Daily Voice





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