Relationships are often fraught with emotional moments. There will be disagreements and arguments and it is important to remember to keep a level head. A Stonington man didn’t keep his cool and is now facing cruelty to animal charges.

Steven Richard allegedly used a BB gun to shoot his girlfriend’s pet turtle in the head, killing it. Neighbors had phoned the police reporting an argument and when officers arrived they found the turtle. Richard’s has yet to provide any explanation as to why the turtle was killed.

I mean, WTF? Why drag the turtle into this Steven? What could that turtle have possible done to deserve this? It’s a TURTLE! It couldn’t possibly have shown your girlfriend more affection, in turn making you jealous. It’s a TURTLE! They just sit around and do nothing.

I bet this turtle was just hanging out, watching you and your girlfriend have another dumb argument. I bet he averted his gaze so as not to get dragged into it. All the turtle wanted to do was munch on some lettuce and take a nap. But NO! You had to escalate the argument and shoot the poor turtle. There is a special place in Hell for you Steven. A place full of pissed off turtles.

This kid sums up my feelings perfectly.


Via NHRegister | Top Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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