To a child, losing a beloved stuffed animal can be traumatizing. I can speak from experience. This is why when Mitchell Rubin bumped into an abandoned stuffed animal at Bradley International Airport, he took to Facebook to post that he had found a lost stuffed kitty. The intention of the post? To return the stuffed cat to his beloved owner.

Now, the post is absolutely adorable. It says that the kitty was “dropped by his little friend,” and has amnesia due to the fall. That could explain why it can’t remember its name nor gender.

But, up until Rubin found him, the kitty had it rough.  “People were walking right over me,” the post describes. It goes onto say that it was almost stepped on by people who were “rolling their luggage over me.”

Poor kitty!

The post goes on to say that he was found lying on the departure side of the “crosswalk that led from the parking garage to the American Airlines terminal” on July 24.

Furthermore, the post ends with the stuffed cat asking if “so if anybody in the Facebook World recognizes me, please help me find my family,” and if not, to please share.

Well, that post was shared over 20,000 times. Looking through the comments, several people from all over the country have shared it to try to get this kitty back home.

However, no such luck. Yesterday, Rubin posted that the kitty was still with him. However, he was touched about how many people shared the post. But, he remains optimistic that he will be reunited with his family soon. That post was shared 80 times.

In the mean time though, the stuffed animal is welcome in Rubin’s home. However, we hope that the kitty will be in the arms of his friend very soon.

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