You know what they say about March and how it comes in like a lion.  Well, as it turns out, there’s some truth in the folklore because that’s exactly what’s happening on the 1st.  Connecticut, there’s a major storm comin’…

Darien Daily Voice reports that a total washout will impact the state Thursday into Friday.  Yep, exactly on March 1st.

However, don’t bother dusting off your shovel or rock salt.  For the most part, the state will only see heavy rain and maybe some sleet mixing here and there.  Only I-84 could see a mixture of snow and rain, and maybe just snow from time to time.  But, that’s about it.

So, take advantage of tomorrow’s warm and sunny day.  Although we prefer dealing with rain, I did say Thursday’s storm is a washout.

More specifically, AccuWeather describes the storm as a major storm.   Forecasters mentioned a risk of flooding and power outages due to heavy winds.

And before you ask, yes, this is the same storm that pounded the midwest and brought severe flooding.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Jake Sojda detailed what to expect:

“After a brief respite to end what has been the wettest February on record in some locales in the Northeast, another storm will bring the return of wet, and for some, snowy weather to start March. […] This will bring more heavy rain and a renewed flood threat for portions of the Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic and New England.”

As for why the flooding risk is so high?  Well, there’s a full moon on March 1st.

“The combination of the proximity of the full moon and strong onshore flow will lead to coastal flooding at times of high tide.”

On top of all that, it looks like 1 to 3 inches of rain will pound the state on the first and second day of March.   So, make sure you park your car AWAY from the water.

But, after that, the lion quickly turns into a lamb.  As strange as this sounds, a string of warm, dry, and sunny weather will interrupt this rain parade.

However, it’ll only last for five days before the rain returns for an encore starting March 11th.

What do you make of this strange weather?  Are you a fan of this warm/wet weather or do you miss REAL winter weather?

Also, anyone here with summer predictions?  Do you think we’ll have a gross rainy summer like the one in 1999 or will it be bone dry like 2016’s?

What do you think? Comment below