No, wait, come back!  I will forcibly take over this state and change whatever is needed to keep your beautiful delicious little selves in our waters.

That, above, was my desperate plea to our wild lobsters and mussels.  What can I say, I’m an emotional woman and this news hits me right in the stomach AND heart.

Once lush with a booming population, our oceans are losing some of its most valuable occupants.  Each year, their numbers continue to dwindle as they search for colder seas up north.

CT Mirror writes that, back in the late 90’s, the Sound was rife with lobsters, yielding 3.7 million pounds of the prized crustacean.  Nowadays, lobster landings are weighing in a dismal 127,000 pounds.

So far, the brunt of the lobster population has moved at least 200 miles north in the past 10 years or so.  Environmentalists and science are balking at humanity for being the cause of this egregious shift in habitat, claiming it is climate change that is driving our sweet succulent lobster to abandon their homes.

As for another New England favorite, the news becomes so much worse.

The Hartford Courant reports that New England, in its entirety, is running out of mussels. Over the past 40 years, about 60% of the mussel population has vanished from New England shores.  Again, the culling of mussels is attributed to climate change and warmer waters.  However, new predators and increased harvesting is also playing a major role.

If this rapid decline in number continues, biologist Cascade Sorte says it’s possible for mussels to go extinct!

Losing these molluscs will ensure a pretty terrible consequence, too.  Without these little guys filtering the seawater – it leaves more room for bacteria and toxins to grow.

On the brighter side, thanks to migration of new species into the once-freezing cold Connecticut waters, fishermen are delighting over increased catches of black sea bass and summer flounder.  But no matter how delicious  these fish may be, they pale in comparison to a freshly cooked lobster hit with melted butter and a smidgen of lemon.

Or hot buttered mussels swimming in a sauce of basil, garlic, cilantro, and lemon.  Seafood linguine enthusiasts, much like myself, are having a hard time coping with this startling news.

Prayer circle for seafood, guys.  Otherwise New England will lose even more bragging rights, which is something we really can’t deal with right now.  Or ever.

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