Oh.  Ouch.  Definitely not another top 10 mention we want to add to our mantle of bragging rights.

So, there’s somewhat of a mass exodus out of the Hartford metro area, which comprises of Hartford, Tolland, and Middlesex Counties.   It ranked the 10th largest population decline in America between June 2014 and June 2015.

U.S. Census data, obtained by the Hartford Courant, claims that the area population shrank by 0.2%, which is really just under 2,000 people.  Still – that’s still 2,000 less people in that particular part of the state within the span of a year.

Compared to what other areas made it into the national top 10, you’ll feel kinda worse.  The Hartford metro area is chilling with some of the most dangerous cities in the nation: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Youngstown, and Cleveland.

Now, we have many theories why so many people are choosing to move out of the state and, to be real here, they probably moved out for those exact reasons.

But to make it on the top 10 that includes some of the most undesirable places to live in the nation?  That hurts.  We came behind Flint, Michigan, the city with one of the worst water crises in the history of ever.  Glad they beat us but, at the same time, the fact that we came behind them is plain embarrassing.

Considering what is driving out residents in the other places that ranked above us, it doesn’t paint a very good picture.

Will this only get worse?   How many residents will we supposedly lose next year?  What is the State of Connecticut going to do to get us OFF that list next year?


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