You have seen the videos on YouTube! Now experience the excitement for yourself! Bubble Soccer is in Stamford!

I have not played and I am not being paid under the table to shill for this event. I just think this looks like an awesome time. By taking soccer and adding inflatable spheres of chaos you make soccer exciting!

Now, I know that video was packed with tons of attractive and/or athletic people but that doesn’t diminish the potential fun. So what if your game is uglier and slower with less spectacular acrobatics? You can run down your opponents while encased in an inflatable death globe!

For $20 you get a good workout in, flush some aggression out and maybe meet a few new people. If anyone has done this or is planning to do it please let me know about your experience in the comments. I am willing to risk a rolled ankle in order to spend some time in one of these air-filled balls of doom.

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