Mark “Mayor Mark” Boughton will always be our favorite person in Connecticut simply because of his love for The Walking Dead and how hilarious he is on Twitter. The best part, if you ever see or meet him in real life he is just as great and funny. Hopefully this doesn’t change as the Governor’s race heats up and gets closer.

Being such Mayor Mark fans we tend to take notice when someone tries to mess with our boy. Recently The New Haven Register ran an editorial piece that made multiple false assertions about his candidacy for Governor.

Luckily Mayor Mark fired back with his own letter to the Register yesterday…


A recent editorial (“Mark Boughton’s hypocrisy on John Rowland, guns”, April 11, 2014) made assertions about my candidacy for Governor that are contradicted by publicly-available facts.

As a candidate participating in the state’s clean elections program, the maximum contribution allowed to my campaign committee, Team Boughton, is $100. No one, not even wealthy individuals like Brian and Lisa Wilson-Foley or John Rowland, are eligible to contribute more than $100. The finance report filed on Thursday last week shows none of them donated to the committee.

It also suggested I modified my position on the Second Amendment to benefit my campaign financially. My position on the issue has not changed. I remain a strong supporter of the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Further, while it is true the Boughton-Somers team enjoyed strong fundraising– my running mate Heather Somers and I raised more than $185,000 over the past three months and lead all other candidates in total funds raised – the success came before I ended my affiliation with Michael Bloomberg’s group.

For future reference, both facts are easily found on the State Elections Enforcement Commission website,

— Mark Boughton, Danbury

The writer is a candidate for Governor.


BOOM! You can’t take down the force that is Mayor Mark that easy. Keep trying, haters.

And now just for fun, here are some of Mayor Mark’s best tweets lately…










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