With an election that has given us two of the most hated candidates in political history there could be a record number of write in votes today. After all it is YOUR vote and you can do whatever you wish with it. That’s what makes this country so great.

For Danbury’s Mayor Mark Boughton it was a vote for his adorable dog Ellie Mae this morning. “Make The Dog Pound Great Again” is a campaign promise that many dog lovers across the state can get behind.


I’m writing in Ellie Mae Boughton for President. “Make The Dog Pound Great Again”

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Ellie would probably get a lot more done than anyone else on the ticket in 2016.

I know one thing. come 2018 when Mayor Mark (hopefully) runs for Governor of Connecticut I will not be writing any dogs in. It will be a vote to make Mayor Mark “Governor Mark”.

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