Shut up Vince McMahon.

There’s a word I often associate use to describe grown men (or women) that can’t voice their own opinions and use other people as scapegoats to share their thoughts… It starts with a C and ends with an Unts.  I have many pet peeves, but ranking high on that list is celebrities (this includes but not limited to: actors, musicians, producers, directors and reality star flakes) that use their fame to share their political views.  I find it even more offensive when they don’t make the statements themselves… hence Vince McMahon- but I’ll get back to that in one second.

I think Jared Leto is a great actor- Do I care what his thoughts are on what the USA should be doing to prevent extremists taking over Iraq or why we should be outraged with the NSA?  No.  I don’t care what he thinks because he’s an actor– Not an international espionage expert.  I wouldn’t go to my Stop and Shop Deli Counter and ask the man slicing my turkey whether I should buy stock in Apple.

That’s why I’m rolling my eyes heavily (and mumbling the “c” word under my breath) while I watch this video:



Really Vince? You use a bleach blonde fake Russian to try to humiliate our nation’s president?  You’re allowed to have your personal beliefs and hate towards our leader- but this is blatantly disrespectful.  Get over it.  Your wife lost.  Twice.  You lost millions of dollars because Connecticut didn’t want her and you can go ahead and blame Obama all YOU want- but showing video of him working out is disgusting.  One person’s vision of “fit” may be very different from another mans.  Trying to say that Obama is wimpy because he works out with light weights is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard.  I know plenty of powerful men who have never seen the inside of a Planet Fitness.

I’m sure you just wanted to get a reaction because that’s what WWE does best, create drama, but have some respect for the leader of the free world.  You don’t have to agree with everything he does/says, but when you’re creating a fake wrestling show- it’s just a cheap shot to do this.  And not to mention you didn’t have the balls to just make the statement yourself- Again, there’s a word for people like that- it rhymes with bunt…. and starts with a c.


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