The marijuana debate seems to be never-ending, especially with Attorney General Jeff Session’s all but reinstatement of the Drug War in America by saying that “good people don’t smoke marijuana“. But in our good and quaint old state of Connecticut, one aspect of the drug has been steadily increasing: the medical use of it.

Ever since Connecticut legalized the use of medical marijuana back in 2012, and implemented it in September of 2014, the state has seen a rise in patients, and now a record number of users of medical marijuana use the product, to the tune of 18,000. Regulations on the medical use of marijuana expanded recently to minors, a short list of diseases that warrant the use of the drug as treatment, and that has added to the dramatic increase of users.

Connecticut is among 29 states in the United States that allow the use of medical marijuana, and is the only state that offers it as a treatment for cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and post-laminectomy syndrome. We are also one of only three states that don’t allow chronic/severe pain as a qualifying condition (along with New Hampshire and Illinois).

For the full list of conditions Connecticut covers compared to other states, click here.

With the epidemic level of opioid abuse in this country, it’s always good news to hear that many in our state have turned to safer alternatives over these addictive drugs that oftentimes are prescribed to these patients when they ultimately don’t need them. When pain can be solved with more natural options like medical marijuana, it is safer and less costly for everyone.

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