Do ya feel lucky?  You should because the Mega Millions jackpot is officially the 10th largest in history.  Not only that, no one’s won the jackpot since January.

WTNH reports that the next drawing is Friday night. All you need to do to win is match all six Mega Millions numbers in the next drawing.  Doesn’t sound too hard.

However, the odds of walking home with $502 million currently stand 302.5 million to one.

Which means you are more likely to win an Oscar than the lottery. Or, if you don’t win the Oscar, you’re still more likely to go home that night with a gorgeous supermodel.

Yes, there’s many things that are more likely to happen to you than winning the lotto.

Such as, you’re far more likely to become the next Neil Armstrong or the proud parent of quintuplets.  Also, yuo’re 75 times more likely to win a gold medal in the Olympics than the lottery.

But no one’s saying it’s impossible.  Miracles happen every day and your miracle might happen tomorrow.  So, keep dreaming about filling your bank account with millions of dollars.

In fact, nothing’s wrong with dropping $2 on a ticket and going home dreaming about all the things you’d spend your money on.

That’s the beauty of the lottery and Mega Millions is the next jackpot to make someone’s dreams come true.

And if you win the $502 million, CT Lottery will give you two payment options.  The first being an annuity with payments lasting over 29 years.  The second being the more popular lump sum payment.

Should you go with option #2, you’ll take home $301 million (minus state taxes, of course.)

So, grab a ticket and cross your fingers during tomorrow night’s Mega Millions drawing.  It might just be you who becomes Connecticut’s next millionaire.

And, if you do win, and bought your ticket because you read my article, please let me know.  I like knowing people actually read what I write.

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