Bringing a whole new meaning to luxury, I guess.

Greenwich is introducing a brand new way to enjoy your fortune… by building an exclusive members-only upscale gas station.

Yep.  You read that right.  A gas station for rich people.  I can only imagine how clean those bathrooms will be…

Fox 61 reports that the gas station, called GP Club, is more like an ultra-luxury resort.  Members can enjoy a massage, nap in the hotel, a dip in the pool by its built-in water park, and kill time doing a bit of boutique shopping as their Bentley fills up.  And gets the wax/polish treatment.


So, let me get this straight.  These people are SO rich, they can’t stand to meddle with us middle class as their chauffeur tops off the gas tank.  I get the allure for “rich people only” clubs when it comes to recreation… but filling up your car?  Now that’s ridiculous.

Why not market this new gas station as an ultra-swanky new luxury hotel that has a built in gas station?  Oh, right, gotta remind us peasants that the wealthy have money and live on an entirely different planet.

So, how much would a membership cost?  Well, you gotta own a home worth over $50 MILLION.    That’s it.  After proving you are “one of them,” you get handed a platinum membership card that allows you access into any GP Club… plus gets you free 24/7 roadside assistance and travel concierge service.

So, yeah.  Rich people get their very own gas station with all the bells and whistles while we poor folk get excited if we can safely clean our windshield with a clean squeegee.

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