‘MERICA! New Jersey Man Builds A Giant .44 Magnum Mailbox

‘MERICA! New Jersey Man Builds A Giant .44 Magnum Mailbox
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No matter what your stance is on gun control you have to admit this giant custom .44 magnum Smith & Wesson mailbox that 49 year old Roger Buchko of New Jersey built in front of his house is pretty awesome.




His reason for the giant fake firearm as his mailbox was a combination of his stance on annoying junk mail and to promote his metal fabrication business. As you can imagine, he has received press from around the world for his creation.

The replica Smith & Wesson is the size of a standard pick-up truck. Weighing in at 350 pounds on top of a 1,200 pound steel base. The barrel of the gun is made out of PVC piping while the rest is just leftover scraps he had of different materials. The cylinder where the fake bullets would go, he built with ball bearings so it really spins! Working a few hours a day, It took him four months to complete.




Roger insists that he did not build the fake gun mailbox as any sort of politcal statment on gun control. It’s for the sole purpose of getting new business for his company which builds cabinets and does metal fabrication. This reasoning of course has not stopped crazy annoying people around the country from harassing him about it. One person even suggested he put a orange cap on the tip like a toy gun so people know it is fake. I mean, C’mon! The thing is the size of a TRUCK! Of course it is fake. He even made a point to check with the post office to make sure he wasn’t breaking any laws.




Roger says the reaction from his neighbors has been, for the most part, positive. Hundreds of people have stopped by the house to take photos with the giant fake mailbox gun. I might even have to take a trip to New Jersey to take one myself!


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source: nydailynews.com

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