Connecticut rail commuters are furious.  The day after they were punished with a 6 percent fare hike, Metro North had the audacity to run off schedule.

CT Post reports the rail line suffered a “switch failure” on Friday, which created several delays.  One train waited in Norwalk for over 45 minutes, which gave commuters ample time to gripe on social media.

The consensus appears that the MTA failed to provide enough information to antsy commuters.  It is unclear what kind of information the public was seeking, so my only assumption is that they all wanted to know how much longer they were going to be stuck in Norwalk or if they were all better off hailing an Uber.

MTA Spokeswoman Nancy Gamerman says the switch failure was fixed by 8PM.

Commuters saw the delay as a prophecy of the MTA’s bleak future.  With the rail line draining more money out of hardworking Americans’ pockets, commuters found this hiccup completely inexcusable.  Money is supposed to solve everything!  How can the good people of Connecticut feel confident that their tax dollars are being put to good use when the trains run off schedule?

Either way, Metro North is officially on notice.

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