Because we here at CT Boom can’t go a full week without showing our support for Stamford’s WWE, here comes another feature on our favorite Connecticut professional wrestling company!

Ahhh Mick Foley – the “Hardcore Legend” – this is apparently his week to be in the spotlight. And that’s good. Because he’s great.

This Sunday night is WWE’s annual “Hell in a Cell” pay-per-view event – an event that features an enormous cage surrounding the ring. And back in 1998, one of, if not the most brutal and legendary matches of all time took place in it. And it made Mick Foley a star and a household name almost overnight:

This was pre-Internet boom – imagine if this happened when YouTube was around how infamous it would be.

It was so instantly iconic, that people seriously still talk about it all the time. It’s a match to which nearly all others are judged, including the one that will happen this weekend. It came up in his surprise appearance at Monday Night Raw this week:

Now you might be wondering why he looks so different, mostly in his beard region. And why he’s wearing a Santa Claus shirt. That’s because of his bananas new movie that he’s producing – “I Am Santa Claus” – check out the trailer that was just released:

See? As I said, he’s all over this week. And if you wanna check out the movie, they’ve only announced a few screenings so far – the closest to us is either NYC or Cambridge on November 4 – but more are being announced.

Top Image: PR Photos

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