If CT lawmakers get their way you might have a harder time getting your licensed renewed. And if you are one of the many shitty drivers I encounter on my daily commute I hope this bill gets passed into law.

Bill No.335 says if you are looking to renew you should pass “a comprehensive test as to knowledge of the laws concerning motor vehicles and the rules of the road.” What happens if you fail the test? Road Test baby! That’s right, if you can’t get it done on paper you have to show your skills (or lack thereof) behind the wheel.

I am all for this. I know most of you reading this think you are the greatest drivers in the world and this won’t ever apply to you. Chances are you are wrong. Do you know what to do at an intersection when the lights are out? What about if they are flashing? What about when you get to a 4-way stop at the same time as someone else? I hope those are the easy questions.

I know that most of you lousy drivers out there will be able to fake your way through the written test no problem. And if you fail that you will probably put on a good show for your road test and get your renewal. Then you will continue to drive like an asshole like you always do.

This is why I suggest a public reporting system. I am sure technology exists that would allow drivers to electronically “tag” drivers who suck at driving. Get tagged by too many anonymous folks over a certain time period? BOOM! Letter from the DMV with a nice fine. “Oh, but I wasn’t driving the car that day!” Tough, go have a conversation with whoever was.

No one is ever thrilled by commuting, the least we can do is cut down on the jerks who make it worse.


Via WFSB | Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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