UPDATE: Since publication, Milford schools have reversed their decision thanks to parents who came forward to challenge the ban on Halloween.


Going to school on Halloween was always the best.  You would leave your coat at home and freeze so that everyone could see your costume. There was candy at school and you would walk around outside waving your freak flag proudly during the parade.

Then being politically correct ruined it.

In an email sent to parents this week, all elementary schools in Milford have been banned from having Halloween parades.  Any activities in the classroom must be “Fall themed” and be all inclusive.  No staff member or student is allowed to wear costumes. As an alternative, the PTA will have a Trunk or Treat night outside of school hours.  Oh, and absolutely no food.

This is when the Halloween scary “boo” turns into the disapproval “boo”.

I just don’t get it.  Milford has been added to a growing list of school districts that are eliminating Halloween.

I certainly understand that people are allowed to have their own religious beliefs, but since when does America allow those beliefs to dictate our traditions?  My daughter goes to a Catholic school. She does not get Jewish holidays off from school. Even at six-years-old, she understands that her beliefs are different from others, so she has to go to school on those days.  Why is that different when it comes to other holidays?  How is Halloween any different from Christmas?  If you’re not Catholic, you may take the day off but no one forces you to go to church.  Isn’t this similar? If your beliefs don’t grant you the liberties to dress up like My Little Pony, then you do not have to participate.  It’s a parent’s responsibility to explain to their child why they can’t dress up.  It’s the school’s responsibility to do something with those kids so that they are safe when the activities are taking place.  They can “opt out” and spend the day in the gym doing Fall activities instead.

I have heard about some Connecticut districts eliminating Halloween because students cannot afford costumes.  That makes a bit more sense to me but to say that cultural beliefs dictate what an entire population of students do is absurd.

And why no treats? Parents are given a sheet to fill out at the start of the year that asks whether or not their child can have sugary sweets.  If you checked “no”, then tough crap for your kid.  That’s part of life, explain it to them.

You know, let’s just get rid of Labor Day.  The employment rate is too high and people will be offended.  You know what else? Cancel Valentine’s Day.  We don’t want to hurt any kid’s feelings that may not have a love interest at school.  Oh, while we’re at it, let’s get rid of the Fourth of July.  There are plenty of people in the world that aren’t free and we shouldn’t rub it in their faces.  (Eye roll)

Stop making fun traditions a political statement.  It’s bad enough that our children are glued to their computer screens, let’s not eliminate the good old fashion “fun” that actually gets them excited.

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